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ミッションベイ Mission Bay, New Zealand Dining
〒567-0824 大阪府茨木市中津町3-26
3-26 Nakatsu-cho, Ibaraki-shi, Osaka 567-0824
1730 ~ 2400
(定休日:第1・3月曜日 Closed 1st/3rd MON.)
e-mail: info(at)
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秋の味覚Missionbay バーベQ大会9月29日(土)



秋は、うまいもん 満載」でっせ!




The Mission Bay Fall BBQ

On Saturday, September the 29th we will be having a BBQ (either at a nearby river or in our parking lot) starting at noon. We will continue the party for the whole afternoon and then make our way into the bar by 7:00 in order to watch New Zealand play in the World Rugby Cup. Enjoy a day out with Mission Bay.

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