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〒567-0824 大阪府茨木市中津町3-26
3-26 Nakatsu-cho, Ibaraki-shi, Osaka 567-0824
1730 ~ 2400
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Hello everybody!

I hope you all had a nice summer vacation! Come in some time and tell us what you got up to!^^
Well, my visa is almost up, just another 3months left 🙁 Heading back off to uni in NZ next year to do Honours. Hopefully I can stay in Japan until that starts (March 2009) but who knows…

My mum is coming to visit in October!! So if you have any ideas about fun things to do here in Osaka (or Kansai) please let me know!

Take care,












コンスタンチンfarewellとアキコさんサトミさん誕生日 big party


サヨナラBIG PARTYとアキコさん、サトミさんの誕生日会を開催します。

日時 9月13日(土)

時間 pm7:00-9:30 (150分)

料金 食べ飲み放題  3500円

飲み物 生ビール、焼酎、ワイン、ウォッカ、ジン、ジュース、ウーロン茶

食べ物 salad 、ベジ豆腐、手巻き寿司、ラザニア、ケーキ(パブロバ)

staff フィオナ、しげちゃん、TOM


締め切り 9月11日 (木) メールか、お電話でお願いします。

11月にはフィオナもNZに帰る予定 です、この素敵な三人と

(しげちゃんも) 一緒に最高の時間を共有しませんか。



This is it)『コンスタンチンからのメッセージ』

This is it. I am back after one month of traveling. During this month I made my way to China, Tahiland,Cambodia and back the same way, met very interesting people. Those kind of people that have been everywhere: one woman visited more than 100 countries, other person made his way from Spain to Japan in 2 years on a bicycle. I have seen so many ineteresting places. I have seen it all. I managed to see the temples of Angkor, which was my dream since I was a kid. I was walking on the beaches which I saw in movies and commercials. never thought I would actually be able to see all this, eat all this food, which i found just amazingly tasty after 10 months in Japan. But probably the most amazing thing were thai and cambodian people. In other words their altitude towards life. That people do not have much,some of them do not have anything as I could see, but I have never such a friendly nation and such open people before. they gave me good lesson, that me with all things that I have in my regular life, all that convinience, i should be appreciate and happy I have it all and Maybe we all should think about it once in a while.

Well, as I said before I am finally leaving. It also means I finish my work in Mission Bay. So it was decided that the “farewell party” will be held on 13 September.  Everybody is welcomed. Tom-san promised that we have special dishes for the celebration. Should admit I am looking forward to my coming back home. Japan was very good experience, but it is time to say goodbye. There were different things. Sometimes I felt it is really beautiful country with amazing culture, but sometimes communication made it really hard to find my place here. I hope one day japanese people will be more open to closeness between people. They would be more passionate and spontaneous in their lives. It is relly interesting if you only give it a try. Japan also gave me an incredible opportunity to travel China, Thailand and Cambodia and I should be appreciate for that too. Finally I am glad I have met Tom-san, for his assistance and explanation of japanese way of dealing with things. Thank you to everyone I have met during this year, thanks to you I find power to go forward, never look back and stop. Thank you all)


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