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ミッションベイ Mission Bay, New Zealand Dining
〒567-0824 大阪府茨木市中津町3-26
3-26 Nakatsu-cho, Ibaraki-shi, Osaka 567-0824
1730 ~ 2400
(定休日:第1・3月曜日 Closed 1st/3rd MON.)
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Golden Weekを楽しい夜にしましょう。



Japanese vacation

Last 2 weeks I spent with my beloved person, she came from Ukraine. After 6 months in different countries we finally met each other. There were a lot of places to visit and to show. As I am here for more than 6 months it appeared that I do not notice anymore many things which is unusual for a ukrainian in Japan. Thanks to her I have changed my point of view concernig Japan.

First thing was hush. It strange but I have never noticed before that in one of the most crowded places – Tokyo – you can hardly hear noise of people speaking. In subway we could hear speaking only ourselves. In the same time by some reason it was really pleasant to shock shy japanese by kissing and hugging anywhere we could actually do it. After one week we got results – we started to meet couples doing the same. We were glad and proud of ourselves.

Then sushi. In Europe most of people have this image that JApanese nation start its day with sushi, continues it with sushi and ends it with the same old good sushi. Tahnks to the sushi-bars. So we were looking for sushi bar everyday in every place we go. Funny, but it appeared not so easy. We had to understand japanese like soba or udon different kinds of takoyaki and okonomiyaki not less and sometimes even more than sushi, but we needed only sushi and we got them a lot)

KIds. We love kids. In Ukraine we say “kids are the flowers of life”. Lisa always her camera with her and everyday there were so many children that had become heroes of her photos. They were different: they were shy, they were angry, they were laughing, they were crying. They were children and they definitely liked to stare at us)

I am sorry. The first day we met, LIsa said I am saying “I am sorry” almost after every action, which seemed strange. After that she started to fool around saying “すみません” for everything ant then laughed. If we were riding in a subway where you can here a lot of announcements pronounced in the same manner all the time, she was always asking if they are apologizing for something)

Places. PLaces were different. We have been to KAnto and Kansai. Met different characters. There was a woman in NAra which was the owner of a pottery shop. She new numerous phrases in russian. Said it is her dream to go to Russia and Ukraine with Siberian railway. She also gave us a chocolate and was almost hugging us when we were leaving. There were a lot of places to see and experience.


Yo, wassup! This is Nuarn.

Howz it goin?

well, spring haz finally arrived, and what better way 2 start it but with a nice B.B.Q under the

cherry blossoms after a hard game of rugby!!

Aah…! rugby, what would i be doing if it waznt 4 tha old footy in tha park?

yeah, but its not tha same az home….!

i cant believe tha people ova here enjoy playing footy on dirty and stoney fields!!??

man, i`d give n e thing 2 b back home playing on that freshly cut green grass!

But i gotta say, these last few weeks havent been all that bad!

i`ve been playing 4 another team ova at HANAZONO, and tha goundz actually grass!!!!!

GRAAAASSSSSS!!!! can u believe that?

not perfect but its something. well, i guess we cant have everything.

well, i guess thats all fom me 4 now, have a cool spring, enjoy tha cherry blossoms while u

still can.

c u all real soon.



(NewZealand人で素敵な女性で す。)

バーベキューを安威川の河原で することに決まりました。

日時: 5月11日 (日)12:00ー終わりまで。
場所: 安威川河川敷 (ジオマンション近く)
会費: 一人 2000円  (炭、皿、お肉、魚、etc,,..)




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A home away from home


Come and experience a part of New Zealand culture without even leaving the country at Mission Bay! While you`re in Ibaraki enjoying the Sakura come and try a New Zealand beer… You won`t be disappointed!



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