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ミッションベイ Mission Bay, New Zealand Dining
〒567-0824 大阪府茨木市中津町3-26
3-26 Nakatsu-cho, Ibaraki-shi, Osaka 567-0824
1730 ~ 2400
(定休日:第1・3月曜日 Closed 1st/3rd MON.)
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KIA ORA!! エドです;) how r u all doing?? the loast week has been rather interesting, I went to 福井 to visit my kiwi friend, whos is teaching there. However the timing was pretty bad as i went when the 台風 was around that area, so it was raining n windy n bad weather all the time, but we still did the fireworks hehehe that was fun!!

anyways, my highlight for this week is, of course the last and long anticipated Harry potter book, yeah i did preorder it in Amazon, and it came out in england in friday, but guess wat, i received it this (saturday) morning, so thanx amazon that was really a great surprise!!! so yeah now only harry matters, it will be like that for couple days or maybe a week until i finish it!!! i am so looking forward to read the book…

but today is also the big day for japanese soccer fans, include me as one of them, today is the time for sweet revenge against the ozzies!!! so we will be watchin it today in Mission bay! 頑張れ日本!!!!ファイト!!!

Whatz up guyz n gals?

Yeah Yeah Yeah!

Gr8 day again, though one week later! Its really interesting to meet new folks and share their ideas about life

and talk different topics, laugh together *_*. Mr Sam and Tomoko really seem nice people. Looking forward for Kiyoshi San

for his magic tricks. Mr. Naoki n friend….英語頑張っていますか? Hey Andre San have a nice dinner with your family!

Ms. Satoshi hmnn …..enjoy ur date tomorrow! Tom is a gr8 person indeed and his efforts for bringing New Zealand and

Japanese community together. missionbay-bar is really a good place to enjoy your evening after your work. Come here

and enjoy a variety of drinks from New Zealand and good food too! Moreover you got a chance to speak English.

WOW, am learning Japanese too!

Hey, I forgot to give my intro! Buzz! I am 23 yrs guy from India. You can call me Krish(クリッシュ). I am honest, smiling and big at heart person.

Looking for more n more people @ missionbay-bar.

Yours loving friend









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