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ミッションベイ Mission Bay, New Zealand Dining
〒567-0824 大阪府茨木市中津町3-26
3-26 Nakatsu-cho, Ibaraki-shi, Osaka 567-0824
1730 ~ 2400
(定休日:第1・3月曜日 Closed 1st/3rd MON.)
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Its Holiday!!!

yeah!! i just finished my exam this week!! it was hard, but i passed it!! so now its time to relax for a while, n im gonna enjoy it!! other than that not much happened this week, besides trhe wather which has been killing, its so damn hot n humid, i mean its ok if its JUST hot but HOT n HUMID? yuck… gaman dekinai!!! oh yeah, last saturday we had suddenly a big group comin in to celebrate Amber’s Birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER!! although I’m late for about a week, better late than never they always say!!! So yeah hope u had a great party n enjoyed ur time ne!! Well, its another saturday, n im excited to see n meet new people as well as our regulars, n then from tomorrow on I will be on my relaxing “dont care bout nothing” mode, the hot weather is perfectly fit for this i think!!! hahaha… well anyways , u guys take care n see u sometimes in Mission Bay!! Cheers!!!




6月29日、NEW STAFFのJayのギターライブをします。

オーストラリアのパース出身 で身長2メートル





monday thru sunday

hellow!! one week has past again so quickly, been busy trying to study n prepare for the test next week. so this week gonna be study study study again. This sunday though, one of my friend is getting married, n im really looking forward to go to the wedding. lot of my friends r getting married n getting engaged, so its gotta be my time soon ne….. 😉 well anyways , u guys have a good weekend n take care!!!



6月14日(木)NEW ZEALANDの原住民(マオリ)

のSATFF (ヌアン)が入ります。

大阪で マオリ人と話せるのは貴重だと思います。



G’day!! (actually it is not、coz it is actually raining while I’m writing this :) )

Again this week’s been same as usual, no parties n such,,, just same as usual. however, I went together with my gf to look for dress to wear to her senpais wedding this week. And I found out that there were actually some rules on what to wear to weddings, I mean rules that I have never heard before, very detailed rules for girls, such as u cannot wear open shoes, u cannot show off too much skin, as in u have to cover ur shoulders n stuff,,, very interesting!!! luckily I’m a guy so dont have to care much for that, just normal suit would be fine i guess 😉 I am looking forward to go to the wedding though, it will be my first japanese wedding, yey!!! other than that, I also went to see Bunraku puppet plays, which was quite omosiroi if only i could understand the story… but the play n how they made the dolls to move like a person was pretty cool.Also I liked the music, the old style japanese music, with the flutes and the drums, I have always liked that kind of music somehow, its cool!!! well anyways, I thinks thats about all the highlights I have for this week, so hope u all will have a great weekend and maybe well cross paths soon in MISSION BAY!! peazze out!!!



やっと新しいケイタイを買った!!!;) yeah, finally i decided to get rid of my old prepay phone n bought a new one, was kinda a hard decision between sofbank or AU, but in the end i decided for softbank!! yey yey!! other than that this week has been pretty much as usual, in other words “same s**t different days” ;D. my daily life is becoming a routine now, school, study work, thats it,,, i should started going out n get drunk n do silly stuff again, just to get out of this routine!! but eventhough my life is a routine now, i am still enjoying it, i still do, see n learn new small stuff here in Japan, which makes it interesting!! well thats it for this week!! 😉

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